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Investment Property Plumpton

Looking to buy an investment property in Plumpton? Top real estate agent Andrew Koulaouzos of the Barry Plant Taylors Lakes real estate office is an expert in Plumpton real estate. Andrew will sit down with you and work out what specifications you need in a Plumpton property to provide you with a good investment. His experience in Plumpton real estate means he understands which properties are providing good value for money. He knows the Plumpton area well and understands how proximity to schools, infrastructure and transport impacts on a property's value and influences your real estate investment's potential to gain in value.

Real Estate Agent Andrew Koulaouzos has sold 0 property listings in the last 12 months, including most recently .

Call Andrew Koulaouzos today and let him work with you to find the perfect Plumpton property for your investment portfolio.

The current median house price for properties in Plumpton is $123,456, and the current median unit price in Plumpton is $0.

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